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Graphic Design and other mediums to find a place for your work

There are three things I want to talk about in the post. While they are connected to photography, they are also separate from it as well.
First of all, let’s talk about graphic art or graphic designs. While graphic designs can be interpreted from photos, often they original work. There are several movies that come to mind when I think about graphic art or design. The first one is the movie Silent Hill. I realize that the movie was based on a video game and also graphic novels but I think the graphic design work in both Silent Hill and Silent Hill: Revelation is outstanding. I’m not entertaining the whether or not the movies were good or got good reviews even though I like both, rather I’m simply addresses the graphic designs in the movies. Both Silent Hill, and Silent Hill: Revelation, have great design in them. I also think there is some really good art design in the remake of Clash of the Titans. Here are some other sites that I found while searching for art work that I found extremely good.

Don’t judge me for my taste in movies, what do you think?

Another good place not only to view graphic design, purchase them or even display your own photographs is through sites like SkinIt or Gelaskin. These sites have created or obtain artwork from others and put them on a variety of items such as sticky paper which allows you to peel the work and stick on your own device. I know there are more sites that have gotten doing this but I refer to SkinIt and Gelaskin because those are the ones familiar to me since I use them on occasion. As I said you can buy a design the company owns or create your own and by creating your own, it gives you the opportunity to share your photographs with someone who might have a chance any other way. I’ve had a lot of compliments on my photographs by people seeing them on my cell phone or tablet. Usually the conversation goes something like this:

“Hey that’s a cool picture, where did you find it.”

“I took it myself when I was at _____”

“You took that picture?”

“Yes I did. Why don’t you check out my website/photo gallery at ____.”

And finally another good way to show off your work is to carry it with you. Although sometimes carrying all your work maybe impossible due to space limitations. However there is a work around for that as well. You can store your photos in the cloud like I do but that doesn’t really help if you are in an area that doesn’t have WiFi or internet. I recently discover a device made by Kingston. It’s call the 5-in-1 Mobile Companion. With this device you can store images on external devices such as USB flash drives or SD cards, plug them into the device and have access to them. Since this is a mobile device, it only works with mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. I don’t think it works with laptops but since I just got it, I have played with it that much so I could be mistaken. But not does this device store your images, you can upload them to the device’s storage device of choice from your cell phone (Apple or Android only) or tablet as long as you have the app installed on those devices. Therefore you can take a lot more pictures then ever  before. I am taking a trip to Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma in early November and plan to carry this device with me. Since I plan to shoot at the park for several days, my intent is to download my pictures through this device and free up the space on my phone. I also planning on using for presentations..

Last month at one of my camera club meetings, I was asked to put together a slide show presentation of photos club members had submitted for a monthly competition. Since I had enough time to put the presentation together, I decided to use the Apple TV and Air Play to display it on a large screen TV. I didn’t want to lug my laptop to the meeting and Apple makes it so easy that I didn’t have to. However, I took my laptop as a backup just in case things went haywire. Nothing went haywire but the judge brought a presentation of his own to show on a USB drive. While it was good I brought my laptop, there was a hiccup in showing his presentation. For some reason the HDMI cable in our club room didn’t fit into my laptop for whatever reason, so unfortunately I was not able to project it onto the TV screen. I ended up holding up my laptop for everyone to see as the presentation played. Not an ideal situation. But now with my mobile companion, I won’t have that problem. I can plug his USB into the device and still connect through Apple TV to project it onto the TV screen (I don’t have Mac nor is the TV an Apple TV). Problem solved.

So what is my point to all this. I guess in a nutshell it is two-fold. First, good art should be admired and respected. Secondly, be willing to show off your work through multiple means whether it is a website, photo gallery, something stuck on a device or on an external device.




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