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About the Photographer

Denise & DaisyI was taking pictures at a young age. I think the very first camera I owned was a 110 camera with the square bulbs that were very hot when you tried to remove them once the flashes were depleted. I would run around the house and take pictures of anything that interested me whether it was a coin on the floor or bug crawling across the window sill. Eventually I move on to a Polaroid camera. Polaroid cameras fascinated me because I could see the pictures immediately…well as soon as the film was exposed to the air and developed the image. However, Polaroid camera were very expensive. Maybe I should back up a bit, the camera was not expensive but the film and flash bulbs were expensive.

Later in my college years after toying with the idea of becoming a computer programmer, I decided I wanted to be a journalist/photojournalist. I bought my first 35mm camera from a friend who was also in college. I took several photography classes but felt very intimidated with my fellow classmates’ work. They were doing things with their Profileimages that inspired me but also made mine seem diminished in content, inspiration and composition. Of course at the time I didn’t realize that I was attending a college known for its photography department and was ranked 2nd in the state at the time. I chose to focus on the writing and let those who I felt were better at photography concentrate on taking pictures. If I had the ability to see into the future, I would have dug my heels in and turned my competitive nature up to 1000. But I was young and as I said, I was intimidated by what others were doing.

When the digital revolution hit the photography market, I returned to my first love and picked up my first digital camera which was probably on the lower side of all the cameras out there but it was a good one for me to brush off my skills and get my images out for viewing. However by this time I was out of the journalism field as well, so my love of photography was now a passionate hobby.

geikoWhen the cell phone craze hit our society, I started taking pictures on my first smart phone which happened to by a Palm Pre at the time. I thought this was the best thing since slice bread. Oh how wrong I was. While I loved my cell phone and loved being able to carry a camera around in my pocket, the images were rather poor in quality. My digital camera was far superior but it did make it quite difficult to do any “ninja photographing” especially in the realm of what is classified now as street photography. I got a lot of weird or mad stares and sometimes even asked to delete the pictures.  That would soon change and I just needed to be patient.

Mobile photography has now come into its own and I love this medium. I own a iPhone 6 and I speak highly of it often. Of all the manufacturers out there and the on-going debate of Android versus  Apple, both of which I have used, I find the iPhone’s camera application to be the best of the market. Now granted I shoot most of my images these days on my iPhone but I usually use a third party app to do so, it is the Apple hardware backing those apps. I’m not taking anything away from software developers, but you do have to have the best hardware to run the best apps, right? Apple has nailed the camera market. I don’t see that changing.

These days, I take tons of images on my iPhone 6, I am an award winning Photographer although I haven’t left my Through The Windowday job just yet, I belong to several photography websites, I’m on Instagram, Flickr and Eyeem. I am a Viewbug, another photography competition site, moderator, belong to a local camera club and teach photography basics to kids.

This site is a combination of photography gallery to show off my best work and also give some tips to readers to help them improve their craft. I hope you enjoy my images and articles. Feel free to contact to ask question or leave comments on the post because I love to hear from the viewers.

Enjoy ~


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